How do you say “life-changing” in Spanish?

Cambios en la vida= changes in life
Cambio de vida = refers more to a life style change.
Vida cambio is a bad translation of “life change” because the question would be what type of change? A life change.
So change is your noun. Cambio. Life is acting as your adjective. Therefore, you always write your noun first and then your adjective.
I like cambios en la vida… (personally, I think we all go through changes in our lives)……

This is the story of an intern who found the LAA in 2012 to…..

Build media relationships with Hispanic leaders of CNN, MundoHispanico, Multimedia X, Univision 34, and Turner Broadcasting…

Create over a 300 contact media database for all influential media leaders in print, radio, hispanic magazines, TV, and socialite media in the greater Atlanta area….

Interacted with the Latino community in cultural special events, leadership conferences, employment services, immigration services, and Advanced Spanish classes….

Helped in production of 40th year anniversary video documentary….

Executed social media campaigns and utilized Insightpool for pinpointing those that are the most receptive and engaging that resulted in increasing Facebook Page likes by 200+, increasing Twitter followers by 700+, driving registration to special events, and creating better brand awareness of the LAA….

Authored press releases, blog posts, newsletters, Univison Calendar of Events, Facebook posts, Tweets, domestic violence victim stories, and grant writing….

Facilitated event planning and logistics through flyers, posters, Cvent, Constant Contact, direct mailing, and Facebook….

Executed all work in both Spanish and English bilingual communications….

Grew the LAA legacy through storytelling of cambios en la vida…

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